Rachel MacKinnon - Executive Director
Rachel MacKinnon - Executive Director Ms. Rachel holds a Master of Arts in Education Management: International Schools from Oxford Brookes University and a Bachelor of Education with Honours from the University of Plymouth. She has experience with International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) and Diploma Programme (DP). Since 2005, Ms. Rachel has served as a workshop leader, school visitor, and consultant in the IB Educator Network. Ms. Rachel also has experience with the Cambridge International, British National, and Australian National Curriculums. Officially trained as a CIS/WASC/NCCT accreditation team member, she has served as an Accreditation Officer. She is familiar with AdvancED and is a member of the Academy for International School Heads (AISH). Ms Rachel is fortunate enough to have lived in Albania, Australia, China, England, Germany, Greece, Solomon Islands, Sri Lanka, The Bahamas, USA, Wales, Zambia and now, Kosovo!    
Mirlinda Kusari - Staff Representative
Mirlinda Kusari - Staff Representative Mirlinda Kusari has a Bachelor Degree in Applied Psychology from University of Prishtina. After few years of experience in administration she has joined ILG in 2009. Mirlinda has been part of major developments of the school and continues to contribute not only administering the 'student lifecycle' from registration or admission to graduation or leaving, but also to the academic coordination and substitute teaching. Mirlinda strives to facilitate communication and include each and every stakeholder of the wonderful ILG community.
Avdi Bytyci - Procurement Committee
Avdi Bytyci - Procurement Committee Mr. Bytyçi holds a Master of Business Administration from University of Sheffield and Bachelor of Management and Informatics from AAB College and holder of Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute, as well as a Chartered Fellow Member from the same institute.He has almost twenty years of experience in the management field with a focus on Administration and Procurement, specifically in strategic procurement and supplier/vendor management, in combination with cross-industry skills of strategic business leadership, and ability to transform the business strategies into measurable actions, developed and implemented procurement standards that add value to the organization. During his long professional experience he attended several trainings in the relevant area.
Këshilli i Drejtorëve të Shkollë ILG
Këshilli i Drejtorëve të Shkollë ILG Martin Schyllert - Chair of the Board

Kerri Ann Alleyne - Secretary 

Bart Iaan - Treasurer

Alison B Storsve

Bardhyl Hasanpapaj

Mia Sparkman - Acting Executive Director

Mercedes Salguero Ortiz - Teacher representative 
Leonora Alia Paice
Leonora Alia Paice
Leonora Alia Paice My name is Leonora Paice.   My husband and I moved to Kosovo in 2017, from Kampala, Uganda, with our two children, Elisabeth and Frederick, both of whom are ILG students. We have done three previous postings, in Africa and Europe. By profession, I am a medical doctor and Public Health specialist. I have been working in the field of healthcare for 16 years, both as a clinician (including pediatric and emergency medicine) and manager. I am currently working for Heimerer College (a German Kosovar institution for High Education in Health sciences) as Coordinator of the Nursing Programme (BSc). Prior to this I worked for Unicef in a voluntary capacity, doing research into primary healthcare and health education. Helping improve the quality of health in Kosovo is really rewarding. ILG is our third international school, and I have previously served on PTAs and other boards related to education, health and welfare for international families overseas. This has enabled me to develop experience and insights into best practice for the organization and management of international schools. Playing an active part in a number of voluntary organizations and committees overseas, and working in the field of public health, has allowed me to develop skills including policy drafting, which I am keen to put to good use on the ILG board. My children’s education is of the utmost importance to me, and seeing ILG further professionalize and develop into a school which nurtures a love for learning in our children, whilst striving for the highest educational standards, is very close to my heart. I want to see the ILG family growing whilst retaining its “small school” feel, something I believe is vital to the sustainable development of the school community I am honoured to have the chance to serve you on the Board and contribute to the continuing development and progress of the school.
Alison B Storsve
Alison B Storsve Alison B Storsve
Kerri Ann Alleyne - Secretary
Kerri Ann Alleyne - Secretary Kerri Ann Alleyne - Secretary