Welcome to ILG School

Welcome to ILG School

ILG School is an IB Candidate School and NGO institution founded and run by parents and teachers with a focus on the development of an independent and happy child, ensuring that all our students ‘love to learn’.

The School Board together with staff has spent a vast amount of time and dedication to create the ideal environment for the school to continue to grow towards a full secondary school. In order to prepare for this growth, the campus was expanded with the new buildings, which includes a new canteen building, which was opened in September 2017.

Parents, teachers and the administration are working together to create the ideal campus through the renovation and design process; working hard to provide spacious and modern classrooms for our students that will help encourage them to strive to make the most of their curriculum and general learning environment.

Within the new three-building campus, we have two libraries, two gyms, two cafeterias, a music room, art room, science laboratory, multimedia room, outside sports area and a playground.

Since accreditation, we have continued to work with our international accreditation, team and engage all members of our school community in maintaining our quality education and the warm family atmosphere of which we are so proud. We are a candidate school for the International Baccalaureate (IB) for both the Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the Middle Years Programme (MYP). This important process towards becoming an IB World School allows us to continually investigate how we can broaden our services across the curriculum so that ILG school grows with our students and remains the school where we ‘love to learn’.  

We have also engaged in a comprehensive process of review of the service we offer to not only our international body of students (85% of students) but also our local student body that continues to grow within our community. We are proud of the results we achieve with our English language learners through our English Language Acquisition program and recognize that we also need to support our local students to obtain competencies in their native Albanian language. We have incorporated Albanian Language and Literature for native speakers into our curriculum. French continues to be the second language in the Elementary School while in Secondary they can choose between French and German. After-school activities offer further opportunities to join other language classes.  

The IB Scope and Sequences ensure that we continue to provide the best resources, including manipulatives, educational games, software, and other additional materials, in order to reach all students by providing an inspiring and meaningful educational experience.   

At ILG School we administer the computer-based achievement test Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) Growth that creates a personalized assessment by adapting to each student's individual learning level—measuring precisely student progress and growth for each individual. The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is another standardized reading test that helps us determine whether students are reading on, above, or below grade level. The main purpose of these assessments is to improve the student learning experience by using the information gained to determine the next teaching and learning steps providing the best possible support for each child.  

Our partnership with parents is key to our strong foundation. Serving in the highest governing body, the General Assembly, parents ensure that their children are getting the best education. Those serving on the Board provide their input and make important decisions in budgeting, policy making, and maintaining the high qualities of the school. Whilst members of the PTA and school committees provide invaluable support to both the school and our students. We encourage all parents to become involved in these bodies and be active members of our community bringing their expertise and vision to the school today and to our continuous improvement process.  

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ILG School Calendar 2020-2021
28.04.2020 | 12:00
ILG School Calendar 2020-2021
28.04.2020 | 12:00
15th Birthday Event!
03.11.2019 | 11:34
Open Morning
27.08.2019 | 08:30
Summer Fair and Barbeque
11.06.2019 | 08:50
Science fair
07.06.2019 | 13:39
Grade 5 Graduation
07.06.2019 | 13:25
Children's Day
28.05.2019 | 10:50
Pajama Day at ILG!
23.05.2019 | 12:12
Bee Day
14.05.2019 | 09:19