This year we open with grade 9 offering our children the chance to continue their access to an outstanding education which meets international standards.

In addition to the subjects studied in elementary, the curriculum includes language geography, history, science, design, drama, and journalism. ILG continues to guarantee ESL support to students.
We aim to provide our students with a fully blended learning experience which allows them to progress at their own speed. 


In coordination with the ILG School Board, a new tuition fee structure is approved for 2019-2020*.

The new rates can be found below and will also include a daily snack and afterschool activities.

Tuition Fees can be paid in two equal installments, the first by  August 15, 2019 and the second by December 01, 2019.

The new rates can be found below:


(Grades 6 - 9)

Tuition Fee

8:00 - 3:00pm

Reduced Rate (0%-40%) covered by the employer 


Tiered Rate(41%-90%) covered by the employer.



Standard Rate (91%-100%) covered by the employer


*We encourage new parents to schedule an appointment with our school director at and visit the school to learn more about the curriculum, classrooms, registration, and school fees. 


Below you can download the Elementary and Low Secondary Timetable:

Internationally Accredited
Internationally Accredited AdvancED accredited. Common Core based curriculum with instruction in English. Integrated Albanian language program for native speakers.
Highly Qualified Teachers
Highly Qualified Teachers National and International teachers, qualified in early childhood development, teaching, and subject expertise.
Modern Learning Facilities
Modern Learning Facilities New student-centered facility, multimedia center, science lab, library, cafeteria, and indoor/ outdoor sports facilities and play areas.
Success for Every Student
Success for Every Student Child-centered learning environment utilizing MAP and DRA testing to adapt teaching for each student. ESL program and fully integrated sports and after-school activities.
National & International Community
National & International Community Diverse and supportive school community representing over 30 countries and 28 languages. Actively engaged PTA and Board help parents participate in child’s education.
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