ILG School Board of Directors

ILG School Board of Directors

The ILG School Board of Directors is charged with policy setting, overall strategy development and assurance of the ILG School’s performance and financial health.     

The Executive Director is charged with management and administration of the ILG School in accordance with the law and the ILG School Statutes. The Board acts on the basis of a code of conduct that reflects the school’s values,and underlines that the students’ best interests, as well as student achievement are the primary concerns of the Board. Overall school’s sustainability guides any decision of the Board.

The ILG School Board of Directors is composed of up to 7 elected parents, the school director and one elected staff representative. Elected Board Members are volunteers. All ILG School Assembly members who are none educative staff can stand for election to the board by the Assembly on its regular meetings. The Board elects from among its members a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer.

The Board is accountable to, and must report to the local school community and the Ministry of Education. The Board updates the school community about its activities in regular Assembly meetings and through communication of the Board Secretary.

The Board meets regularly, at least one time per month during the academic year. For comprehensive research and illustrative tasks, the Board of Directors establishes committees that report to the Board for information or decisions.

This year’s committees are:
  •      Fundraising
  •      Statute Revision
  •      School Location and Facility
  •      Tuition

To facilitate the expansion of the ILG School, the Board and School Management are supported by a Design Committee (interior and exterior), a Cafeteria Committee, an Open Day Committee, a Library Committee and a Marketing Committee.

Vacancies on the Board

ILG School encourages a diverse composition of the ILG School Board with a membership that collectively enjoys the skills needed to respond to the responsibilities entrusted in them. Vacancies are announced via email to all Assembly members.

Strategic Planning

The Board is responsible for the development of ILG School’s long-term Strategic Plan with participation of ILG School’s key stakeholders. The Strategic Plan is aligned with ILG School’s Mission, Vision and Values Statements; and focuses on students’ learning and well-being. Based on the Strategic Plan, the Board develops its yearly School Improvement Plans that find reflection in the yearly budgets.


The ILG School Board of Directors is charged with policy setting and overall management and administration of the ILG School in accordance with the law and the ILG School Statutes. The drafting of school policies can be delegated to Board committees and members of school staff. Policy drafts are reviewed and approved by the Board. Policy drafting and revision processes follow the common staged approach of policy development.

Adopted and drafted policies:

  • Code of Conduct for School Board Members  
  • Financial Policies
  • Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy
  • Fire Protection Regulation
  • Staff Training Plan on Fire Extinguishing Procedures
  • Regulation on Work Safety, Employees Health Protection and Work Environment
  • Medical/Emergency Policies and Procedures; Crisis Management (Evacuation) Plan
  • Wage Policy for ILG School Personnel
  • Student Absences and Make-up Assignments Policy
  • Student Admission/ Placement and Dismissal Policies
  • Food Service Policy
  • ILG School Enrolment Policy Foreigners/Locals
  • Maternity Leave Policy
  • ILG School Tuition and Discount Policy
  • ILG School Policy on Tuition Payment Plan for Staff Members
  • ILG School Staff Handbook
  • ILG School Policy for ILG Personnel 2015-2016
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Leadership Policy
  • Policy & Procedures on Lock Down/Attack Situation
  • Social Media Policy                  
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