Harvest Festival 2018

Harvest Festival 2018

Kids will create art, dance, meet new animal friends, and do a variety of activities throughout the ILG School all day related to the fall harvest and harvest traditions. In the process, they gain social skills, hand-eye coordination, use their imagination and creative thinking as they explore the Harvest Festival activities, as below: 
      - Corn Shaker
      - Pumpkin Patch Stomp
      - Pin The Spider On The Web
      - Hula Hoop Relay Race
      - Face Painting
      - Sack Race
      - Feet Painting
      - Elephants
      - Stack Attack
      - Run Mat Race Game 
In case of bad weather all activities will be moved to indoors. We will let you know prior to the event where each activity will take place.
*NOTE: Depending on the class size, the Activity Host can divide the groups up into however many they see functionable. Ex. Grade 1 could be divided into 3 groups for the Hula Hoop Race, and 2 groups for Stack Attack. 
Summer Fair and Barbeque
Summer Fair and Barbeque Saturday, June 22, 2019 at 12 PM – 3 PM
Science fair
Science fair Monday, June 10 2019 1:20 PM – 3 PM
Grade 5 Graduation
Grade 5 Graduation Friday, June 7 2019. 
Children's Day
Children's Day ILG School will be marking Children's Day (June 1) on Thursday, May 30, to promote and celebrate the well being and the rights of children. This is a day dedicated especially to children and although
Pajama Day at ILG!
Pajama Day at ILG! May, 24th teachers and students are  encouraged to come in pajamas! 
Bee Day
Bee Day Monday, May 20, 2019 at 8 AM – 3 PM. Dress up in yellow and black to celebrate Bee Day!