Mission • Vision • Values

Mission • Vision • Values
ILG School • Mission
ILG School’s mission is to provide quality education in an English speaking, stimulating, caring and playful learning environment while ensuring a well balanced mix of academic and social programs.  ILG School offers a platform where parents and teachers work in partnership to empower children through elementary school with the life skills and a mindset that allows them to fulfill their potential and prepare for future learning opportunities worldwide.
ILG School • Vision
ILG School aims to continue developing into an internationally accredited institution that offers innovative, technology-based, outstanding education to children of all backgrounds, invests in staff, and acts as an inspiring example for other educational institutions.
ILG School • Values 
ILG School believes in nurturing mutual respect for everyone’s skills, opinions and achievements, between the children, the staff and families alike, as well as respect towards society and the environment.

ILG School believes in quality-commitment in the area of education, the management structure and its response towards external standard-setting based on dialogue, collective agreements and individual proactivity.

ILG School believes in education beyond the core academic content, and in nurturing the development of the child in body, mind, heart and spirit. It also believes in promoting important life-skills such as a problem–solving attitude, readiness.

ILG School believes in stimulating learning among ALL children, on multiple levels, and by catering to different learning styles.
ILG School believes in empowerment as a means to promote ownership, confidence, continuous improvement and effectiveness in the school-management and in the classrooms. We help each other: ILG believes in working together towards common goals, mutual support and collaboration.
ILG School believes in decision-making based on democratic principles in the classroom and beyond.
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