Cafeteria & Catered Nutritious Meals

Cafeteria & Catered Nutritious Meals
ILG School has contracted FRESA to operate the cafeteria who will serve warm nutritious daily lunches to our students. 
FRESA will have the responsibility of preparing and serving healthy, fresh food in the school cafeteria for our students and periodically organizing child-friendly activities related to food, healthy eating and preparation, as well as lessons by the nutritionist about health benefits of balanced food.
Bi-annual surveys are given to students, parents, and teachers to ensure that our vendor is providing quality, healthy meals. Please see a sample menu below.

Students are also welcome to bring their own lunches and have access to the microwave to heat any dishes. And yes, morning snacks are provided by the school.
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Outdoor Environment - Play Area & Gardening
Outdoor Environment - Play Area & Gardening
ILG School possesses a wonderful playground where children are able to enjoy nature and outdoor activities such as gardening.

ILG School has an extensive collection of books housed in two libraries. The Lower School Building Library has board books for our youngest readers, many picture books, and some short chapter books for our early readers. The students have plenty of room to spread out on the carpets and look at or read books of their choice. It is also a perfect place to get comfortable and listen to a story being read aloud.

The Upper School Building Library features some picture books, many chapter books, and young adult novels. These books are sorted by genre so that readers can easily find their favorites as well as discover books from different genres. The bright, sunny library is an inviting space to explore and find a book that is just right for each reader.

As our goal is to provide our students with access to many quality books, your donations of gently-used books in any language are always welcome.

Music Room
Music Room

Our spacious music room is equipped with a variety of instruments which the children use regularly to learn about how to keep rhythm and the importance of rhythm in music. The size of the room  allows children to dance and sing along to different styles of music that they will learn about throughout the year.

Bus Transportation
Bus Transportation

ILG School has selected Medita Travel Company to provide transport for the ILG students. The service is door to door. You can choose the service both ways, morning and afternoons, or one way only.

The buses have 12-15 seats; each student would have one seat with proper seat belts. Parents/Guardians can put or provide their own additional “baby safety seat” if desired. Each bus has one chaperone, which makes sure that every student has his seat belt on and assists students with getting on and off the bus. 

All drivers and chaperones for ILG School have up-to-date First Aid and CPR training as a part of our extensive ILG safety measures.  


Air Purifier
Air Purifier
The school environment is clean and safe and each classroom is equipped with air purifier/filter for hazy days.
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