We at ILG School are very interested to know how well our students adjust to their new schools after leaving Kosovo. As part of this process, we survey our ILG School alumni parents and students to learn about their school experiences beyond ILG School.
We were very happy to receive very positive responses, with the majority of alumni parents reporting that ILG School provided excellent preparation for their children's next school experience.  
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Parent of a Secondary School child at ILG
Parent of a Secondary School child at ILG I have never seen my child so happy at school. The students are so welcoming and inclusive. The teachers truly care about my child and ensure all students are successful no matter what. The exciting thing about ILG is that one day (soon) it will offer education until the end of Grade 12! 
Parent of two boys at ILG
Parent of two boys at ILG My two boys attend ILG and we have been very happy with both the curriculum and the wonderful atmosphere provided by the very caring staff. I highly recommend it to other parents who are looking for a great school for their kids!
Linda - mother of Grade 1 and 5 Students
Linda - mother of Grade 1 and 5 Students

"Due to our work abroad, our young children have already changed schools a couple of times when entering the ILG School. But they felt at home almost immediately! During our stay in Kosovo, ILG School became an important part of our life. It was not only the commitment of the staff and quality of the education, but also the sense of community. After leaving Kosovo we would like to thank ILG School for preparing our children academically so that it has been easy for them to integrate in their new school. Through ILG School, we have gained friendships that we hope will last for long. Thank you!"

Amaka - mother of Grade 4 Student
Amaka - mother of Grade 4 Student "We are now in Nigeria and our daughter is attending the American International School of Abuja. It is a much bigger school but I know ILG is heading in that way , too. My daughter is enjoying it here and making new friend but surprise, surprise she finds that she also has a new friend here! Believe it or not, an ILG student from Bulgaria. Please send our warm greeting to the lovely ILG teachers and community."
Anastasia - mother of Kindergarten and Grade 4 Students
Anastasia - mother of Kindergarten and Grade 4 Students
"My children, Alexandra (10 years old) and Konstantinos (7), studies in ILG School, for 6 and 4 years respectively. We moved to another country in 2015. It was their first school and we feel very blessed for it. My both kids acquired good habits, they loved books, learned to care for their peers and gained high academic qualifications. Thank you ILG School, we love you and we will think of you always."
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