After School Programs

After School Programs
After School Programs 2019
Fun and educational extended day programs beyond the school day or all enrolled children that also accommodates
parents’ long and busy work schedules.
School Hours
School Day Begins Promptly: 8:00am
School Day Ends: 3:00pm  

After School Activities:
Monday – Friday from 3 to 4pm. 
Extended learning beyond the classroom. Activities are held throughout the school year for various age levels depending on the activity. After School Activities will be announced separately at the start of and during the school year.  A wide range of activities for learning beyond the classroom serve to further develop academic, physical, social, and emotional skills, while exposing children to fun and engaging hobbies, skills, and interests they might not otherwise have the opportunity to explore during or outside of the school day. 
Activities may include:
· Sports and games (soccer, swimming, volleyball, kickball, chess)
· Visual arts (painting, drawing, crafts)
· Performing arts (choir, dance, drama, ballet, piano, guitar, violin)
· Academic enrichment (foreign language, culture studies)
· Community service projects (recycling, orphanage visits)
· Outdoor education (gardening club, biking, hiking. nature studies)
· Journalism and photography (student newsletter and yearbook)
· ICT (coding, games, robotics)
Activities are non-competitive and developed based on student interests and skills of the teachers, teacher assistants, volunteer parents, and local community members conducting the activities. Activities will be announced at the beginning of and during the school year. Bus transportation home for children enrolled in After School Activities will be available at 4:00pm.

Enrollment and Payment 

*Please note the After School Activities will be announced and enrollment will occur before each session at the start of or during the school year.
Below are listed the after school activities for the period 10th of September through 21st of December 2018.
After-school Program (1st Trimester) - Elementary Students
 After-school Program (1st Trimester) - Pre-School Students
To download the form, please click on the the link: Elementary Form and Preschool Form.
Internationally Accredited
Internationally Accredited AdvancED accredited. Common Core based curriculum with instruction in English. Integrated Albanian language program for native speakers.
Highly Qualified Teachers
Highly Qualified Teachers National and International teachers, qualified in early childhood development, teaching, and subject expertise.
Modern Learning Facilities
Modern Learning Facilities New student-centered facility, multimedia center, science lab, library, cafeteria, and indoor/ outdoor sports facilities and play areas.
Success for Every Student
Success for Every Student Child-centered learning environment utilizing MAP and DRA testing to adapt teaching for each student. ESL program and fully integrated sports and after-school activities.
National & International Community
National & International Community Diverse and supportive school community representing over 30 countries and 28 languages. Actively engaged PTA and Board help parents participate in child’s education.